Thank you for helping me obtain my medical marijuana license. Your helpful, compassionate, and professionalism throughout the process was excellent.
— Clayton Edwards
The entire process was explained to me thoroughly! I knew exactly what I had to do and after I completed everything, I was able to get my medicine inside of 48 hours. I would recommend this site to anyone looking to qualify for medical marijuana in Canada.
— Michelle Brower
The process was made relatively easy and moved way faster than I thought it would. I was connected with a doctor who’s knowledge and understanding of medical marijuana was exceptional. The doctor could see my symptoms and had reviewed my medical history. He had recommendations on how to use the medical cannabis to deal with my symptoms and my discomfort. I now understand how so many people I know who could benefit from the medicinal properties of cannabis. I’ll be letting them know how you’ve helped me and how fantastic your efforts were in assisting me. Thanks you for all that you do in giving people their lives back.
— Cindy Erving
Great clinic! Their knowledgeable staff answered every single question I had. I also needed to learn how to use a licensed producer to fill my prescription. Canadian Cannabis set me up with a local producer and walked me through the entire process. I would recommend to anyone who needs a good explanation of the program and a compassionate, quality doctor many other Canadians alleviate their symptoms with medical marijuana, it has changed my life and has improved my quality of life dramatically.
— Keith Gunderson



At Canadian Cannabis Clinic, we advocate the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes on the belief that all patients deserve good quality of life. Patients report positive feedback with regards to the relief provided by safe  consumption of medical marijuana for a wide variety of conditions.

If you’re considering medical marijuana for treatment, rest assured that our network of healthcare practitioners will treat you with compassion, dignity and respect.

To start the ACMPR application process of legally using or growing Medical Marijuana in Canada, Canadian Cannabis Clinic provides a short online intake form that you can fill out from the comfort and privacy of your own home.